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Exploring the science of Lyricus Teaching. Are Wingmakers guiding us towards a scientific discovery of the true nature of the human soul? Are some people transforming their minds and DNA so as to gain access to their true spiritual nature?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Intentional DNA Alteration

Is it possible to change your DNA just by thinking about it? According to Lyricus Teaching, each person is able to expose themself to certain sensory stimuli and practice particular meditations that will cause "profound changes to the DNA structure, brain chemistry, and the central nervous system." (see).

"This transformation is not occurring as broadly as some suggest. It is limited to the human instrument of a small percentage of the overall human population." -Lyricus Teaching

Research Proposal.
1. Make use of the Spiritual Experiences Consortium to recruit people who have no prior exposure to the Wingmakers material.
2. Have those research participants register and begin the record keeping process.
3. Each participant will collect a DNA sample and store it.
4. Participants will then begin exploration of the Wingmakers and Lyricus materials.
5. Participants who feel that they have had a spiritual transformation after exploring Lyricus Teaching will collect a second DNA sample. For such study participants, the "before" and "after" DNA samples will be chemically analyzed.

The National Human Genome Research Institute is attempting the development of new technologies to sequence any individual's genome for $1,000 or less. There are existing DNA microarray techniques that might allow rapid identification of DNA changes without complete genome sequencing.

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Wingmakers Transformation

According to Lyricus Teaching humans were created in a state of disconnect from the soul. This blog will explore the idea that it is in this century that humans will transcend their physical limitations and finally gain access to their true spiritual natures. Material at both the Lyricus website and the Wingmakers website will provide the foundation for our exploration of the soul.